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  • Being Completely Transparent... I Needed Pepper Shot in My Life

    Sometimes I’m afraid to leave my house. Sometimes I’m afraid to let my children out of my sight. Sometimes I just don’t feel safe.

    I know that I’m not alone feeling this way, and that others are just as scared as me; so I wanted to do something that I felt would make a difference for those who feel vulnerable. No matter how scared I get, I always try to make everyone else feel safe.


    I know the feeling of walking in the dark from your car to your apartment, or from the bus stop to your house, or from the office out to the parking lot and thinking: “What would I do if someone chose me as their next victim?”


    I hate that feeling.
    I would have to go over a hundred scenarios in my mind, imagining how hard I would fight, where I’d hit my attacker first, which way I’d run, and wishing I at least had a can of Pepper Shot... In reality it would boil down to a few key facts:
    1. I’m not trained in any form of self defense.
    2. I have really bad knees.
    3. I’m not as strong as I used to be.
    4. I’m completely unarmed.
    So, really thinking about it, I’d probably get robbed, raped, or even murdered. While some people may be trained in martial arts or some other form of self defense, the majority of us are not physically or mentally prepared to fight off an attacker.
    Every time I hear a news story about a jogger getting attacked in a park, kids being followed home from school, people getting robbed in broad daylight... I think “This is not right.”


    I’m sure that many of us can see that the darkest energies of this world seem to be steadily becoming the most powerful and they are getting more and more bold and brazen every day. Those people are armed with weapons, malice and discontent. 


    Well this is my way of fighting back. They are strong, but I believe  that good will triumph in the end. I even believe in "a good guy with a gun", except it's a stun gun. I believe in self-defense and defense of others, but not unnecessary killing. The products we offer give you a chance to get away or to get help, without getting blood on your hands.


    I was drawn to this industry because I believe in fairness and I hate to see bad things happen to good people. By arming those targeted by criminals we get to even the playing field a bit. I'm a very spiritual person and I have wondered my whole life


    "Why am I here?"


    Now I know. If I can help to prevent even one person from becoming a victim, I will be fulfilling my life’s purpose. I’ve always felt like a protector and tried my best to help others, but I could only do so much. Today I can give people the ability to walk without fear, because with the aid of my non-lethal arsenal... They can defend themselves.


    With Walker Bryant Safety Solutions We Can Walk. We Can Defend Ourselves.

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